966 NW US Highway 50 Centerview, MO 64019 816-927-5221
966 NW US Highway 50 Centerview, MO 64019 816-927-5221

Meet the Staff of Kempf Kreations

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Kempf Kreations LLC - Chase & Haley Kempf

816-927-5221 - kempfkreations@gmail.com

What's up guys, we appreciate you stoping by!

We're Chase & Haley Kempf, the people behind Kempf Kreations. Both of us have been in the automotive industry as fans, drivers & wrenchers - wrapped 360 degrees in the automotive lifestyle. We love big trucks, fast cars and off-roading!
Kempf Kreations started one truck build at a time... then another, some sports cars, a few UTVs & here we are... Serving people just like you who love trucks, cool cars & off-road toys. Today, we continue to build and sell custom autos for our amazing clients.

You’ll typically find that we have variety of trucks and autos available on our site. If we don’t have just what you’re looking for we’d love to help find and customize your ride to your liking. We’re thrilled for the opportunity to work with you!